Hot Keyboard Pro v3.1.597

Posted By: Cozmo
Hot Keyboard Pro v3.1.597

Hot Keyboard Pro v3.1.597 | 2.07MB

Hot Keyboard is a personal productivity tool for Windows operating system. Whether you are working, or just having fun, Hot Keyboard helps you make computer tasks faster. Create macros, assign them to hotkeys and forget repetitive tasks!

With this award-winning application you can:

* avoid typing the same text again and again (phone, homepage link, address, greetings, signatures, …) in the messages, documents, web forms
* stop wasting your time on mouse movements searching for an application in a cascade of menus and folders
* keep your desktop clean (photo of your dog looks better than 100 icons)
* control computer sounds instantly from any app (somebody's calling? mute music!)
* open favorite web pages with a single hotkey press
* manage sound tracks in the computer cd player or even WinAmp MP3 player
* build a sequence of actions and execute it with a shortcut
* record keystrokes and play them back a specified number of times
* keep the same hotkeys on different computers with import/export feature, or even synchronize macros over the network
* use Hot Keyboard on quite old computers and modern ones (Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista and Windows XP/Vista 64 are supported)