HSPICE 2006.03-SP1

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HSPICE 2006.03-SP1

HSPICE - The golden standard for Accurate Circuit Simulation

HSPICE is the industry’s “gold standard” for accurate circuit simulation and offers foundry certified MOS device models with state-of-the-art simulation and analysis algorithms. With over 20+ years of successful design taped outs, HSPICE is the industry’s most trusted and comprehensive circuit simulator. HSPICE is an integral component of Synopsys high-performance mixed-signal verification solution, Discovery AMS, which enables designers to achieve the highest throughput and accuracy for even the largest mixed-signal SoC’s.

Design Challenges
As IC geometries continue to shrink, the need for an accurate circuit simulator is critical. Designers require a highly accurate circuit simulator to precisely predict the timing, power consumption, and functionality of their designs.

HSPICE provides the industry's most trusted and comprehensive circuit simulator engine and device models. HSPICE's simulator engine has been successfully used to design over one-million integrated circuits. Its advanced circuit simulation algorithms provide HSPICE with convergence characteristics that are superior to other tools.

Key Benefits

* Gold standard for accurate circuit simulation.
* Extensive model support of the most accurate and expansive set of industry-standard and proprietary simulation models.
* Performance
o Significant speed up for cell characterization applications, large extracted netlists and 65 nm designs.
* Design for Yield - Simulating Variability
o Variation Block - powerful and flexible mechanism for defining process variation effects
o DCMatch - efficient statistical simulation for local parameter mismatch effects
o Monte Carlo - all purpose statistical simulation
* Signal Integrity Analysis
o Enhanced W – Elements and S – Parameters to model signal integrity issues and support SI Analysis.
* RF and High Speed Digital Simulation
o Best RF Simulator for PLL & VCO applications
o Accurate RF Simulation
+ Run state-of-the-art linear, noise, and large-signal steady-state RF simulation.
+ Use the same foundry approved IC device models for analog, RF, and mixed-signal simulations.
o High Capacity & High Performance RF Simulation
+ New harmonic balance engine can simulate 10,000 or more active elements quickly.
o Characterize RF Designs
+ Built in features to help fully characterize analog and RF circuit-transfer functions, noise properties, spectral responses, distortion, and parasitic effects.
o RFIC Applications
+ A comprehensive set of analysis algorithms helps you design most RFIC blocks: low noise amplifiers, power amplifiers, filters, AGC circuits, oscillators, mixers, multipliers, modulators, demodulators, and VCOs.
* Industry standard formats and Integration
o Comprehensive support for industry-standard formats eases adoption and integration issues.
* Discovery AMS Simulation Interface
o Simulation environment and netlister that supports ALL HSPICE analysis and options
o Direct integration with Cadence Composer
o Tightly integrated with CosmosScope

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