Htpasswd Generator Professional 3.0

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Htpasswd Generator Professional 3.0

Htpasswd Generator Professional 3.0 | 2,31 MB

Htpasswd Generator is a program that will help you to manage the main authentication files for Apache web server - .htpasswd, .htgroup and .htaccess. This program is a convenient shell with a graphical interface for managing users, user groups and their passwords (with SSH and FTP support).

Htpasswd Generator has the following features:
a graphical interface for working with the files .htpasswd and .htgroup
manual editing of the files .htpasswd and .htgroup using the built-in text editor with syntax highlighting
text editor for the .htaccess files with syntax highlighting
storing an extra data about users and users groups, such as the full name, email, phone number, real password, etc.
convenient user password generation with SHA, MD5, Crypt encryption. Batch passwords changing.
batch emails sending
Htaccess Wizard (Htaccess Generator)

simultaneous and "transparent" files modification in case you need to modify both files. For example:

when you remove a user from .htpasswd, you can automatically remove it from all groups in the file .htgroup similarly
when you rename a user, you can rename it in all groups
when you delete groups, you can remove all users in this group from the file .htpasswd
the import and export of the users and their extra data
working with the local and remote files .htpasswd and .htgroup via the FTP and SSH protocols
analyzing the files .htpasswd and .htgroup
alerts system according extra users data
editing several users simultaneously
generating the random passwords