Ideablade DevForce v3.5.3.1 (Enterprise Edition)

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Ideablade DevForce v3.5.3.1 (Enterprise Edition)

Ideablade DevForce v3.5.3.1 (Enterprise Edition) | 77 Mb

IdeaBlade’s DevForce is the industry’s most mature and extensible .NET application server and development framework. The DevForce platform accelerates the development of data-intensive enterprise applications by enabling developers to cut their development time up to 70% while standardizing on a proven and reliable .NET infrastructure. DevForce simplifies data access, improves user-interface design, and enables rich on-demand applications to operate over the internet. In addition, DevForce provides a complete migration path to, and support for, next-generation Microsoft technologies such as LINQ, WPF, and Silverlight.

Full Visual Studio Integration
* Object Mapping Tool
* UI Mapping and Design Tools
* Business Object Server
Object Mapping / Persistence Features
* Transactions
* Distributed Transactions
* Stored Procedures
* Triggers
* Cross-database Relations
* Support for Complex Schemas
* User-defined Columns
* Enumerations
* Identity Columns
* Custom ID Generators
* Remote Procedure Call
* Pass-through SQL
* Asynchronous Queries
* Span Queries
* Web Services Support
* 1-tier, 2-tier, and n-tier Internet deployment without recompiling
* Optimistic Concurrency
Business Object Features
* Mobile Business Objects that move across the internet
* Client-side Caching
* Disconnected Access
* Cache Coherency Protocol
* In-memory Checkpointing
* Object Lifecycle Events
* Object Identity
* Referential Integrity
* Abstract Classes
UI Databinding Features
* Model-View-Presenter Architecture
* Advanced UI Databinding
* Managed Lists
* Dynamic Properties
* Nested Properties
* Grid Binding
* Validation
* 3rd Party Control & Grid Support
* Infragistics Integration
* Developer Express Integration
* Form Autopopulation
Security Features
* SSL / Encryption
* Custom Login Managers
* Server-side Security Checks
* Auditing / Logging