POINTDEV IDEAL Migration 2007 ver.4.0

Posted By: mpe38
POINTDEV IDEAL Migration 2007 ver.4.0
IDEAL Migration manages your Windows domain consolidation and provides reliable migration to Windows 2000 and 2003. IDEAL Migration is the indispensable tool for the re-organization of your IT system. Its whole features and its compatibility with Active Directory make it one of the strongest on the market. Once your migration or consolidation plan is established, IDEAL Migration manages the transfer of required objects for the good execution of your mission. It also presents other functions which allow you to be more selective on the objects to transfer :
-moving some shared folders from one server to another,
-moving user accounts with passwords from one domain to another,
-moving file and folder securities from one server to another,
-Scheduling transfers and command-line running.

- Runs under MMC 1.1 or higher, NT 3.51/4.00 domain consolidation. Migration from Windows NT domains to Windows 2000/2003, Migration from Windows 2000 to Win NT domains, Windows 2000/2003 domain consolidation, Off-line and on-line migration, Migrate user account passwords from Win NT/2000 to Windows NT/2000/XP/2003, SIDHistory management, Migrate Terminal Server properties, Transfer all your file and directory permissions, Manage multiple source computers/domains, Manage multiple destination computers/domains, Record object properties into .CSV files, Three modes: Add, Modify, or Add and Modify, Migration wizard, Migration by category, Selected objects migration on one or several computers/domains, Consolidated/Migrated objects. Migrate user account passwords from Windows NT/2000/2003 to Windows NT/2000/2003.