Insistsoft SSL VPN Server v1.0

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Insistsoft SSL VPN Server v1.0

Insistsoft SSL VPN Server v1.0 | Win32 |Size: 3.43 MB

Insistsoft SSL VPN Server is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) VPN software solution for Windows. It builds a Virtual Private Network on Internet in minutes. No client hardware or software needs to be installed. With Insistsoft SSL VPN Server software installed, users can access corporate Intranet from anywhere, anytime and securely. Also Insistsoft SSL VPN Server can verify users' certificate to stop illegal hack access. Data transmited between remote user and your servers are encrypted by SSL.

Who needs Insistsoft SSL VPN Server?

Insistsoft SSL VPN Server is the best solution for small businesses which need to provide confidential information to remote users, such as, businesses have multi-locations, employees on the road, remote wireless laptop users, or have business partners even customer access corporate Intranet. For example, insurance companies can provide sales agent secured access to policy information while visiting the customer.

Insistsoft SSL VPN Server client less feature saves corporate IT department huge hassle from installing for remote offices and supporting the outside sales. It can run on any Windows 2000 and XP computer, no 3rd-software/components needed. The installation is so easy, a regular computer user can get it installed in a couple minutes. For SOHO businesses, it can save on hardware and installation.

Insistsoft SSL VPN Server features:

Full 128-bits SSL encryption. Supports SSLv2, SSLv3, TLS1.0;
Integrated with mini-CA manager. Can generate/issue/edit/revoke 512/1024/2048 bits certifications;
Can export certifications to .crt(X509) or .pfx(PKCS#12) files;
Full log functions. Can log/query/delete/export communication actions;
Supports 300 SSL/non-SSL online connections* at the same time.
*Notice: depends on system environment.

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