InstallAnywhere Enterprise v8.0.3063

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InstallAnywhere Enterprise v8.0.3063

InstallAnywhere Enterprise v8.0.3063 | 106 Mb

The Enterprise Edition builds on the power and flexibility of the Standard Edition.

Product Benefits
- Includes all of the platform-specific functionality you need to simplify your software deployment to the most popular operating systems
- Create localized installations in 29 languages
- Install native packages like RPM on Linux, Solaris, and HP-UX
- Customize GUI and installation panels, console actions and uninstallers

Features Highlights
Localized Designer — Lets developers who speak English, French, German, or Japanese to author multiplatform installations using their native language
Cross-product Dependencies — These dependencies allow you to conditionally install specific software applications based on the current system configuration
NEW! InstallAnywhere Collaboration — Lets you define requirements of the installable objects you create as well as reference Developer Installation Manifest (DIM) files
NEW! Migration Tools — InstallShield MultiPlatform users can migrate to InstallAnywhere 8 with the help of various migration tools and services
NEW! Service Layer Integration — The new services layer allows you to easily add advanced functionality to your custom code actions
NEW! Resizable Dialogs — You can now specify the size of your installation dialogs
Installations Run in Silent, Console, or GUI Modes — Run your installations in silent, console, or full graphical mode, according to the needs of the system
Includes all of the features in the Standard Edition

Easy to Learn and Use
InstallAnywhere's intuitive and well-designed integrated development interface (IDE) allows you to build installations quickly and efficiently. Create a basic installation with the six-step Project Wizard or use the Advanced Designer IDE's powerful graphical interface to build customized installations that control every facet of the deployment process.

Extensive Platform Support
No other solution offers broader platform support. InstallAnywhere makes installing and running multiplatform software as easy as installing and running platform-specific software.
InstallAnywhere supports platform-specific installation destinations (Windows directory, /usr/local/bin, Mac OS X Dock, etc.), is compliant with the requirements of the "Designed for Windows XP" and "Built for Mac OS X" certifications, and integrates seamlessly with Linux RPM and the Windows Service manager. Platforms include:
Windows XP, 2003 (Itanium 2, x86, & AMD-64)
Windows 2000, NT, Me, 98
Linux/Intel: Red Hat, Red Hat Enterprise Server, UnitedLinux, TurboLinux, SUSE & others
Linux for PowerPC, AMD-64, and Itanium 2
Mac OS X (PPC & Intel)
Solaris SPARC, AMD-64, Intel
HP-UX (Itanium 2 & PA-RISC)
Tru64, FreeBSD
Other Unix platforms

Simplifies and Standardizes Software Deployment
InstallAnywhere gives you a complete high-quality installation toolset to produce full-featured, flexible installations. It's packed with tons of features to make your client-side configurations a breeze. InstallAnywhere simplifies and standardizes your software delployment—so you can concentrate on developing great software, not deploying it.

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