InstantServers ISMail GP Alpha ver.4.3.886

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InstantServers ISMail GP Alpha ver.4.3.886

InstantServers ISMail GP Alpha ver.4.3.886 | 4,49 MB

ISMail GP is the groupware version of ISMail for Windows 2000/XP/2003. ISMail GP is based on the ISMail EP messaging system, integrated with the ISCal groupware calendar and task list management system. ISMail GP provides reliable and secure email messaging and groupware collaboration services for small and medium-sized organizations, ISPs, and ASPs. Unlimited accounts and domains are supported.

ISMail GP works with any POP3 or IMAP4 email client program.

ISMail GP includes an integrated Web 2.0 Webmail and ISCal groupware system.

Webmail features include message previewing and sorting, drag-and-drop, and other desktop-like graphical features. Webmail also includes shared and public email folders, remote mail fetch, new mail notification, a spelling checker, and identity protection from 'unsafe' images.

The ISCal groupware calendar and task list system supports multiple shared and synchronized calendars which can be accessed from the web, desktop applications with sync-plugins, and sync-enabled mobile devices. Calendar data is iCal-compatible and may be imported and exported with other applications.

Servers are secured with SSL/TLS 256-bit encryption and SMTP authentication.

An internal, ODBC, or LDAP database stores local and remote mail account information.

Anti-spam protection blocks messages at the connection, message envelope, message header, and content levels according to user or system administrator preferences.

Anti-virus scanners are directly supported for both incoming and outgoing messages.

Web folders support file storage on the server. Each account has public, shared, and private file storage. Files are managed by:

* Mapping a hard drive (or Windows 'Network Place')
* WebDAV client
* Webmail
* Web browser (read-only access)