Interakt MX AJAX Toolbox for Macromedia Dreamweaver

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Interakt MX AJAX Toolbox for Macromedia Dreamweaver

Interakt MX AJAX Toolbox for Macromedia Dreamweaver | 14 Mb

MX AJAX Toolbox empowers web developers and designers to build AJAX sites in Dreamweaver. You can now build complete AJAX sites from scratch or integrate AJAX controls and widgets into your existing projects.

Spice up your websites with photo galleries, drag and drop, accordions, tabsets, ratings, AJAX dynamic tables and many more. Start a new project with the AJAX Site Wizard and see how easy it is to add top of the line technologies to your portfolio.

Supported server technologies: PHP_MySQL and PHP_ADODB

Bring the benefits of AJAX to Dreamweaver
• Visual AJAX development. No coding needed
• Build fast loading websites
• Save bandwidth and reduce server traffic
• Enriched user experience on your sites
• Visitors can rate content, show or hide content areas
• Lots of pre-build controls to get you started
• Nine AJAX widgets: photo gallery, dynamic table, rating and more

Visual AJAX development. No coding needed
MX AJAX Toolbox and Dreamweaver are perfectly integrated. This means you can combine any of the default commands and server behaviors from Dreamweaver with the AJAX functionality provided in the toolbox. Use recordsets, HTML or database-binded forms, navigation bars or repeat regions within AJAX panels or alongside AJAX controls and widgets provided by the toolbox.

MX AJAX Toolbox comes with:
• A template-based engine for working with AJAX panels.
• A quick-start wizard for generating an entire AJAX website.
• Nine step-by-step wizards and 12 server behaviors accessible from Dreamweaver's Insert bar
• Five property inspectors for easily changing the properties of AJAX controls.
• An AJAX Panels tab for easy managing site content and structure.
• Right-click menus for editing the content of AJAX panel states.
• A CSS skin that can be customized in minutes using Dreamweaver's CSS Styles panel.