Interarchy 8.5.3

Posted By: Alexpal
Interarchy 8.5.3

Mac OS: Interarchy 8.5.3 | 8,6 Mb

Using Interarchy 8's comprehensive collection of tools you can easily upload, download, edit, mirror and manage your websites with increased efficiency and effectiveness. Interarchy 8 delivers compelling new features, including a revolutionary interface that allows you to stream-line your workflow more than ever before. This update also introduces enhanced mirroring to make managing your websites even easier. The addition of six new protocols means Interarchy 8 now has unrivaled protocol support: FTP, FTP/SSH, FTP/SSL-TLS, HTTP, HTTPs, WebDAV, WebDAVs, iDisk and Amazon S3.

You can download Interarchy and try it - free - for 14 days. In all, Interarchy 8 offers more than 50 new features and feature enhancements, including:

Open in Terminal (New in 8.5)
Enhanced Scripting Support (New in 8.5)
Dock Menu (New in 8.5)
Calculate Folder Sizes (New in 8.5)
Improved Get Info Window (New in 8.5)
New Streamlined Interface
Enhanced Mirroring
Enhanced Protocol Support: FTP/SSL-TLS, HTTPs, WebDAV, WebDAVs, iDisk, Amazon S3
Growl Support
Transparent File Encoding with File Converters
Automatically Set Upload Permissions
Tiger Support - Automator, Spotlight, Dashboard
Plus Much Much More…