Iris Network Traffic Analyzer 4

Posted By: pa-co
Iris Network Traffic Analyzer 4

The Iris Network Traffic Analyzer is eEye's award-winning vulnerability forensics solution addressing the network traffic analysis and reporting needs that security professionals face today. Iris provides the technology for continuous, automated problem identification, reporting, and integrated filtering capabilities that go beyond the capture, filter, and decode capabilities of traditional network analysis.

Iris captures network traffic and can automatically reassemble it to its native format, making it much easier to analyze the data going across the network. Security and IT professionals can read the actual text of an email exactly as it was sent, or reconstruct exact HTML pages that a user has visited. Iris also provides a variety of statistical measurements allowing companies to proactively identify — and take the steps to eliminate — performance issues before they can result in downtime.

Better than Ethereal | for Windows | 5Mb