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ISOEditor ver. 1.0

Posted By: andrenet

ISOEditor ver. 1.0 | 16,3 Mb

IsoEditor is a software utility for creating, editing and burning CD/DVD image files. Support .ISO, .CUE, .BIN, .IMG, .NRG file format. An image file is the duplicate copy of a CD or DVD disc. There are many different file formats of CD/DVD image, such as iso, cue/bin, nrg, img, ccd, all of these format are based on ISO9660 format. ISO is the most widely used CD/DVD image file format, it is recognized by Dos, Windows, Linux and other operating systems. By converting CD/DVD disc to image files, you can distribute your files over internet easily, and users can use CD/DVD image file like a physical CD.
Using IsoEditor, you can create CD/DVD image files through some simple steps. You can insert files and directories, or remove them from image file.
IsoEditor is also a image file reader, you can view or extract files and directories in the image file.
Write image files into CD, DVD. IsoEditor can convert image files from one format to another format.