nterVideo Home Theater 2 PLATINIUM

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¤¤¤ InterVideo Home Theater 2 PLATINIUM ¤¤¤
nterVideo Home Theater 2 PLATINIUM

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Your complete entertainment center:
- TV, DVDs, Videos, Music, Photos, and Radio together.
- Burn video clips, pictures, Music to a disc, Record TV and Radio.
- Easily navigate from your couch with remote control (Add-on value).

- Radio: Record radio shows, news, songs you like or any piece from the radio and set a list of your favorite radio station.
- TV Enhanced!: Pause, rewind, record and create your own instant replay while watching live TV with time-shifting functionality. (requires TV tuner card with WDM driver)
- DVD Enhanced!: Experience your movie like you would in a theater with Dolby Digital audio for amazing surround sound.
- Video Clips Enhanced!: Watch home movies or videos, capture still images, burn the video clips on a disc and sort by name or date.
- Music Enhanced!: Enjoy your music from an audio CD, MP3 or WMA file, burn and create unique playlists for every mood with music visualizations!
- Photo Enhanced!: Create slideshows of your pictures - add background music, transitions, and burn your favorite pictures onto a CD or DVD disc.
- Time-Shifting - Pause live TV, create your own instant replay, or fast-forward through commercials with Time Shifting and InterVideo Home Theater. Never again will you miss any of the action if you’re called away from the TV.