Jade Property Suite ver.

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Jade Property Suite ver.

Features of Jade Property Suite 4.0
Managing Listings
When you open Jade, the first thing you see is your real estate database. This is where you will enter the data that is used in your printed materials and web pages.
A tabbed record organizes property information. Here you can store specifications, descriptions, images, sale/invoice details and track activities and events.
The grid lets you see your properties in a list that you can search, sort, group and copy. You can even export the properties you have displayed in the grid to a spreadsheet, text file or HTML page.
Very often, you will be entering data by selecting from a menu. You can change the contents of these menus to suit your market.
Install Jade on an internal network or as a standalone application on a single computer.
On-line Marketing
Jade's Web Publisher creates inter-connected web pages for your real estate listings and uploads them to your website. All you have to do is click 'Create Web Pages' and then 'Publish'.
You may want to change the design of your web pages and the way your listings are categorized. This is not difficult and you don't need to know how to code web pages for most changes.
Off-line Marketing
To print real estate brochures, flyers, listings booklets, window cards or reports, all you have to do is select a property or display properties in the grid and then, choose what document you want to print.
The same is true when you want to create an instant PDF (Acrobat Reader Document) or a word processor document.
The templates that Jade uses to generate these materials can be edited.
Responding to potential buyers
A potential buyer's preferences are stored in the Enquiries database. A step-by-step wizard helps you to record the enquiry.
Once you have captured the enquiry details, Jade can generate an email or a letter outlining details of matching properties. You can also batch-match all enquiries to properties and respond to multiple enquiries periodically.

Making a presentation
Designed to provide you with an ultra fast presentation tool, Quick View shows any property or selection of properties on screen as a custom web page or website that you can show straight away to a prospective buyer.

Quick View pages and websites can be saved on your computer, CD or laptop.

Managing Contacts
Comprehensive records can be kept on all of your contacts, including personal and business details, notes and photos.

Reports for common tasks like printing labels, envelopes, standard letters and business cards are supplied, all of which may be customized.

Contacts may be imported and exported.

Minimum System Requirements:
Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP (Recommended: NT/2000/XP)
100Mhz processor. (Recommended 500 Mhz)
64 MB memory (Recommended: 128 MB)
15 MB free hard disk space
800x600 screen resolution
Internet Explorer 4 or higher