Jaws PDF Creator v4.0

Posted By: Alexpal
Jaws PDF Creator v4.0

Jaws PDF Creator v4.0 | 23 Mb

Jaws PDF Creator is an affordable and reliable means of creating PDF files from virtually any document, in any application. Using Jaws PDF Creator, businesses are able to easily create electronic documents that can be shared across a wide range of hardware and software.

Jaws PDF Creator operates in several modes. It is seen as a printer in the Windows® or Macintosh® Printing System allowing users to 'print' directly to a PDF file from any application.

For Windows users, a toolbar icon installs macros in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, allowing any business user to quickly create PDF files. The macros are used to retain document structures such as bookmarks and hyperlinks from the original document. These macros allow the user to create an ‘intelligent’ PDF.

When using the ‘print to PDF’ function, you create a simple 'picture' of your document. When using the macros, you automatically create a rich document containing enhanced capabilities that include bookmarks from document headings, and navigation aids from hyperlinks. As you amalgamate documents to create even larger documents, for example in document management systems (such as Documentum), these tools become essential for structuring and repurposing documents. This is especially true where documents are large and regulations require them to contain navigation aids such as tables of contents that are based on document bookmarks.

Jaws PDF Creator offers full and flexible control over PDF configuration settings and allows users or corporate administrators who want to impose corporate standards to pre-define PDF configuration settings which can be selected at the point of PDF generation.

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