JellySphere For DeskScapes

Posted By: lsdmeasap2
JellySphere For DeskScapes | 1.53 MB

This strangely morphing, gooping ball looks like it’s made of solid plastic, but goops and twists around in an impossible, almost conscious way. I like images which look physically real, but do things which nothing
real could ever do.

But before you could harness the full power of this Jellysphere you have to make a little bit work. Kidding, actually you must change the background color to match video background:

1. Right on click your desktop and select Personalization > Desktop Background
2. From Location drop-down list, choose Solid Colors and click More button at lower-right corner.
3. Color Pallete will appear, put the value correspondingly. Red:16, Green:16, Blue:16
4. Click Ok
5. Then you can activate this dream and choose Center to make it smaller and cuter.

That’s it. Hope you can enjoy this mind-manipulative sphere. Besides it’s just over
1 MB video. Even the size is cute.