EyesKeeper ver. 2.0

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EyesKeeper ver. 2.0

EyesKeeper v. 2.0
RAR | 1mb | language: English & Russian

Interactive exercises for Eyes Relaxation (for PC working).
Интерактивный тренажер для отдыха глаз при работе за монитором. Удобная настройка интервалов занятий и времени проведения каждого упражнения. Поскольку разработчик российский, то имеется и прекрасный русский интерфейс.

1. Turn away from the monitor, close your eyes, and squeeze your eyes tight 10 times without opening the eyelids. Then blink intensively 10 times trying to open and close the eyes as frequent and as wide as possible. Finally, having your eyes opened, lift (as if being very amazed) and frown (as if being angry with somebody) your eyebrows 10 times.
2. Rub your palms intensively until you have a feeling of warmth in your finger-cushions. With the finger-cushions massage your temples close to the eye-pits with small circle movements. Make sure that the fingers of your right hand are moving clockwise, and the fingers of the left hand – counterclockwise. Your closed eyes should stay relaxed. This exercise is intended for the muscles and blood vessels “serving” your eyes.

3. Turn to a window. Keep your back and neck straight, relax, and focus your eyes on the very farthest point that you can see. Breathe in and slowly focus your eyes to the tip of your nose. Breathe out and focus your eyes again on the very farthest object seen in the window. Then breathe in again and slowly focus your eyes to the point between your eyebrows. When you breathe out, focus your eyes again on the very farthest object in the window.
4. Close your eyes and start slow circular motions under relaxed and closed eyelids. Make five full circles clockwise and then five full circles counterclockwise. The exercise takes 30-60 seconds.

5. Close your eyes and massage them with your finger-cushions for 30 seconds.
6. Turn your head right, left, up, and down. Make several circular motions.

7. Touch and massage both points during 8 inhaltations-exhaltations with your thumbs. Press lightly during the exhaltation and take the pressure off during the inhaltation. The ends of the free fingers should touch the forehead lightly. Massage the next coupls of the points in this way. Then press the front parts of your temples with thumbs and do some circular movements around your eyes with the joints of your bent forefingers.

8. Close your eyes and just sit for 10-20 seconds. Relax and imagine what a good rest you have just had.

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