jv16 PowerTools 2006 ver.

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jv16 PowerTools 2006 is a complete toolkit to maximize the performance of any PC. With a user base comprising several million downloads, the program is used by both home and power users as well helpdesk and support personnel around the globe.
jv16 PowerTools allows users to remove hidden traces of previously uninstalled software, to clean the computer's Windows registry for optimal performance and stability, and to fix many registry-based problems with a single mouse click. The ultra-streamlined multilingual user interface allows the software to be used in all major languages, while automatic backup and safety features make the program very safe to use.

Jv16 PowerTools has main tools:
- Software Manager
- Startup Manager
- Registry Manager
- Registry Cleaner
- Registry Finder
- Registry Find and Replace
- Registry Monitor
- Registry Compactor
- Registry Information
- File Finder
- File Cleaner
- File Organizer
- Duplicate File Finder
- File Tool
- Directory Finder
- Directory Tool
- Disk Wiper
- Start Menu Fixer
- History/MRU Cleaner
- History Manager
- Cookie Manager
- Privacy Protector

Changes in version
- Fixed a bug that caused the Registry Cleaner to never finish. The bug occurred only with certain registry structures and therefore affected only a very small number of users.
- Fixed a bug from the Registry Cleaner that made the tool unable to remove certain types of errors. The same errors were listed on the next time the feature was used.
- Added a German translation of the product. More translations will be released soon (as soon as we get them).

After downloading and installing the new version, please open the Help > About window to verify you are running the latest version. Some browsers tend to cache the installation file and therefore you might not receive the latest version but the same old version you have previously downloaded.

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