DART Karaoke Studio

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DART Karaoke Studio

DART Karaoke Studio | 10,78MB
DART Karaoke Studio CD+G | 10,98 Mb

That's all you need to make your own karaoke!

DART® Karaoke Studio
Make and Play your own Karaoke on your computer.

1- Suppress the Main Vocal from most Stereo
2- Synchronize Lyrics with Music
3- Sing-Along and Record your Performance
4- Full Screen Playback Display

It's Easy
Use today’s newest tunes or oldies you love. - Record music from records, tapes, CDs or Internet MP3. With DART Karaoke Studio CD+G you can even rip CD+G discs.

Import or type-in lyrics. - Use the original lyrics or type them as you play the track. Create new lyrics for your favorite tunes!

Synchronize lyrics to the music - Line-up the words with the music. It’s easy. The lyrics show up to guide you through a song.

Customize Graphics - Select fonts, colors and even add a graphic startup image to the disc or to individual tracks (DART Karaoke Studio CD+G only).

Sing-along or record your performance - Have fun solo or with friends. Select your songs and play Karaoke. To record your performance, click the red button and sing along. Microphone and attitude not included.

Now, real audio magic: DART DeVocalizer - DART Karaoke Studio’s Devocalizer makes the main vocal virtually disappear. The main vocal of most stereo recordings is gone or reduced to a whisper, just enough to guide your singing.

Remix: Add your performance to the track - Want to hear how you sound with that music? Mix your recorded singing with your favorite track. You may mix your voice with the original artist or the DeVocalized recording. It’s your choice. Save the mix on your hard drive or burn your own CD.

Make custom Karaoke Audio CDs. - DART CD-Recorder is the easiest to use Rip and Burn Software available. Records from analog or digital sources. Supports numerous CD-R/RW. Arrange tracks in the order you want.

Burn CD+G discs for Karaoke Machines - Only in DART Karaoke Studio CD+G

DART® Karaoke Studio
The software suite with everything you need to make custom Karaoke for CD+G machines.

All the tools and fun of DART Karaoke Studio
Plus - record CD+G discs for Karaoke machines
Plus - create CD+G files for software CD+G Players


Record from CD+G discs (rip) for CD audio AND graphics (BIN files) or just audio (WAV files)

Compile and burn custom CD+G discs

Includes a CD+G player

Add your own lead-in graphics to the CD+G disc or individual tracks

Customize display of lyrics colors, refresh style and fonts