Keil RTX51 Library / Real Time Kernel

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Keil RTX51 Library / Real Time Kernel

Keil RTX51 Library / Real Time Kernel

Keil RTX51 Library / Real Time Kernel

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RTX-51 is a runtime library that, together with C51, allows real-time systems to
be implemented for all processors of the 8051 family (e.g., 8051, 8052, 80515,
etc.), except for the 8xC751 and 8xC752.

RTX-251 extends the functionality of the RTX-51 to the new intel MCS 251
family of processors. It is available as a set of runtime libraries supporting the
binary and the source mode to be used with the C251.

Advantages of RTX-51/251 are:

- Simple use of RTX-51/251 by integration in the Keil C51/C251 development
- Complete support of all C51/C251 features such as floating-point operations,
re-entrant functions and interrupt functions.
- User-friendly configuration of RTX-51/251 for all members of the 8051/MCS
251 family.
- Flexibility - only requires a few system resources and can also be applied for
time-critical applications.

While it is possible to implement an embedded program without using a real-time kernel, a well-established, proven kernel, like RTX51, saves time and makes software development easier.


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