Kerio Server Firewall ver. 1.1.2 build 365

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Kerio Server Firewall ver. 1.1.2 build 365

Kerio ServerFirewall is a Windows server firewall, designed to protect both Windows operating systems and all commercial server applications such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle database, Kerio MailServer etc. including custom made server programs. Kerio ServerFirewall helps enterprises of all sizes protect their Windows Server operating systems from malicious attacks coming from the outside as well as from within their corporate networks. Its policy-based system prevents intrusions passed as legitimate traffic and protects against zero-day attacks that exploit vulnerabilities in the operating systems and applications running on them.

Network filtering
The Network traffic filter controls inbound and outbound network traffic and offers rich and flexible filtering options to define elaborate network traffic policies. More...

Intrusion prevention
Kerio ServerFirewall includes an Intrusion Prevention System focused on two key security concerns most relevant for server systems: intrusion attempts in the IP layer and on system fingerprinting attempts. More...

Application hardening
Application Hardening secures server applications from being exploited by network worms or hackers. More...

Kerio ServerFirewall can be used in a variety of ways from securing intranet servers, database servers, CRM servers, mail servers to securing Internet servers in collocational facilities. See our examples.

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