Kryptel ver.5.43

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Kryptel ver.5.43 | 4 MB

Kryptel is reliable and easy-to-use software, protecting your private data with strong cryptographic algorithms. With Kryptel, your files are safe from any unwanted access - and you can do it with a single mouse click from within Windows Explorer. The program offers efficient data compression using ZIP or BZIP methods, enhanced password dialogs, support for binary keys as well as command line support and advanced operations. Kryptel supports strong ciphers, such as AES, Triple-DES, Blowfish, Twofish, Serpent, and IDEA and also includes a DoD-compliant (specification 5220.22-M) file shredder.

You want to protect sensitive data? There is only one safe way - encryption, and it is not as hard as you might think. If you are looking for reliable encryption software, which you could use without being a crypto expert, Kryptel is what you need.

Want to encrypt a file or a folder?
Just right-click it and select "Encrypt" .

Want to protect your whole "Documents" folder?
Easy! Just click the Kryptel icon and say so!

Tired of typing in long passwords?
Create a binary key and write it to a flash card or a USB stick. Insert the card and Kryptel will locate and use your key.

Your data are really important?
Kryptel can create backups! Kryptel backups are encrypted so you can keep them anywhere, even on public servers.

Kryptel is well suited for corporate usage! It fully supports processing in the batch mode without user interaction. In just a few minutes you can write a batch file that makes encrypted backup and places it in Internet-based storage.

Whatever your security demands is, Kryptel is always up to your needs!