Large collection of embroidery machine patterns

Posted By: kitten
These are files that are only for people with embroidery machines. Patterns are very expensive and hard to find among warez. Hope that someone finds them useful!

Large collection of embroidery machine patterns

This is the list of included files:

– Cross Stitch – Calico Kittens for All Seasons Book.rar
– Cross Stitch – Christmas Kittens Ornaments Book.rar
– Cross Stitch – Dragonfly Happiness Book.rar
– Cross Stitch – Moonlight Kittens Book.rar
810 Mouse
Bernina 525 Mrs Mouse's Sewing Treasures.rar
Bernina 787 Whimsical Kingdom 2.rar
Bernina Artista - Bfc 135 Native American
Bernina Sue Box Mrs.
Bit Of Stitch Oriental Purse
Carols Embroidery Cuties Sewing
Carols Embroidery Cuties Sleeping Mouse
DC 1013 Mitzy Mouse.rar
DC 1016 Fritzie The Mouse.rar
Debbie Mumms American
Embroidery Amazing Designs
Embroidery Buzz Tools v3.38(86).zip
EMBROIDERY Ewe Be Sew Harvest 1 & 2.rar
EMBROIDERY Ewe Be Sew Ladybug Picnic.rar
EMBROIDERY Ewe Be Sew Miss Mouse.rar
EMBROIDERY Ewe-Nique Alternative Art .zip
EMBROIDERY Ewe-Nique Elegant Monograms .zip
EMBROIDERY Ewe-Nique Fall Follies .zip
EMBROIDERY Ewe-Nique Seaside Applique .zip
EMBROIDERY Ewe-Nique Spooky Things .zip
Embroidery Library 912763 Kitty & Spilled
Embroidery Library Alley
Embroidery Library
Embroidery Library
Embroidery Library Sea
Embroidery Vermiliion Antique
Enjoy__A f r i c a n S e w f a r i C e l t i c A p p l i q u
Japanese Magnolia.rar
Laurel Burch 805 Flying Colors Butterflies.rar
Laurel Burch Jungle Song $119.99.rar
machine embroidery-Hedgehog Hollow.rar
organza appliqued cats -
Oriental Embroidery Chinese
Pumpkin Kitties.rar
Secrets Of Embroidery-My Fair Lady Winter
Unfrogettable_Red_Hat_Cat_5x7 Embroidery Designs.rar
Oesd 11965 Sophisticats\

I also made a small rar of just the cross stitch patterns in case someone was just interested in those. They are a tiny 13.45 MB alone. They could be done by hand.
Large collection of embroidery machine patterns