Lecture Recorder ver. 4.4.44070207

Posted By: Kalamata
Lecture Recorder ver. 4.4.44070207

Lecture Recorder ver. 4.4.44070207 | 2.2MB

Lecture Recorder allows you to record lectures and write summaries for them. The program allows you to record lectures and attach written summaries. To make a lecture summary several rich-text fields are provided: course, subject, date, lecturer, digest and notes. There is also an option to print the summary. Lecture Recorder comes with real-time OGG audio compression, an editor for making cut-outs, voice operated recording mode and transcription playback mode. All recordings are 8-bit, mono, with 44KHz as the default sampling rate, but you can also use 22KHz and 11KHz if you want to save on space.

The program keeps both text and audio in the same lecture file that you can easily share. Of course, if that is necessary you can export your recordings to standard sound files and use them in other programs.

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