LiangZhu Software Sketch Studio ver.2.5

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LiangZhu Software Sketch Studio ver.2.5

LiangZhu Software Sketch Studio ver.2.5 | 1,12 MB

Sketch Studio is a drawing program designed for children. At first glance the user interface may seem simple but that was the intention. The number of toolbar buttons and menu items has been reduced while the size of the toolbar buttons was increased. The most powerful feature is how easy and natural it is to draw with Sketch Studio. There are two drawing modes: Sketch mode and Smudge mode. While in Sketch mode the user can draw with three different sizes brushes and easily select colors from an advanced color palette. While in Smudge mode the user can blend/smudge colors together. In order to teach a child how to use the two drawing modes Sketch Studio contains 14 built-in drawing lessons. The lessons feature two cartoon characters “Sketch and Smudge” who draw pictures in a series of steps. After each step in the lesson Sketch and Smudge wait for the child to copy what they drew.

Sketch Studio Features

All drawings are recorded so that they can be replayed with the free Sketch and Smudge Screensaver. This is a great way to use your child's art as your screen saver. Learn more

Sketch Studio works with a mouse or a pressure sensitive pen & tablet.

When you install Sketch Studio 14 drawing lessons are also installed. Learn more

You can create coloring pages like those found in a child's coloring book. One way is to use clipart images found on the internet. You simply download the images and then select them as the background for your drawing.

Use photos and images (.jpg, .bmp, .gif…) as "trace images". You'll be able to quickly trace the images in order to help you draw a picture.

You can save your finished drawings in standard image formats (.jpg, .bmp…).