Lightrigger script for 3ds max 9

Posted By: mindio
Lightrigger script for 3ds max 9

Lightrigger script for 3ds max 9
RAR | 3d max plugin | 4.59mb

LightRigger is a free Maxscript-based, draft-quality Global Illumination lighting system for the 3ds max Default Scanline Renderer. It is based on the well known "old-school" principle of a light dome, but LightRigger takes the concept much further than any other script.

LightRigger allows you to light objects independently and have multiple light domes working together in the same scene. No other light dome scripts offer this capability. Using combinations of Light Rigs, Shadow Rigs, Master Rigs and Proxy Rigs, you can control and customize a scene's lighting with ease and speed.

LightRigger also removes the limitations that the light dome approach imposes on animation, so any object's position and rotation can be changed or animated without worrying about the limited scope of a single light dome. Rigs are applied and linked to each object and will follow its movement without being affected by its rotation. A fast-moving aerial dogfight would not even be a challenge for LightRigger, and would actually require a fairly simple setup.

Here is a summary of LightRigger's capabilities:

Roughly approximates 1 bounce of Diffuse Interreflection.
Built For Speed: Fast Setup & Fast Rendering
Built For Animation: LightRigger is for 3D objects that actually move.
Built For Control: LightRigger is a system….not a loose group of lights.
Uses 100% Standard 3ds max Lights, Links, Controllers, etc.
No Scripted or SDK Plug-in classes of any kind.