Linguata Catalan ver. 4.2

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Linguata Catalan ver. 4.2

Linguata Catalan ver. 4.2 | 7Mb

Our approach to language learning is practical, realistic and fast resulting in you achieving attainable goals by using software that can be downloaded instantly onto your PC or pocket PC giving you the freedom to learn:

How it works

Linguata is software designed to teach foreign words and phrases to people who don't have much time but need to learn some language.

Language learning is time consuming, and recognizing the time constraints that many people are under, we have designed Linguata to focus on rapid increase of vocabulary made up of both words and phrases.

It is not a full-blown language course which leaves us free to concentrate on this core aspect of language learning - vocabulary increase.

Our software teaches words and phrases through a series of straight-forward tests and games. Each practices an element of language learning such as reading, writing, comprehension, speaking or learning word order.

Linguata builds on these basic tests and games to increase vocabulary rapidly and efficiently using intelligent testing methods.

Linguata contains a range of words and phrases grouped into distinct categories. Each category is independent to the others which means you can pick the groups of words and phrases that you wish to learn.

Intelligent testing. The software analyses your responses and will target areas of difficulty improving your learning efficiency.

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Linguata for Windows XP Linguata for the Pocket PC
Linguata for Windows XP Linguata for the Pocket PC How it Works

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Spanish (Latin America)


Many different learning games are included. Learning words and phrases in different ways reinforces language learning and maintains interest.

Native speech. All words and phrases are spoken by native speakers.

You don't need to take our word for it, download a free trial of Linguata and try it for yourself.