Lumonix SkinFX v1.19 For 3DS Max

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Lumonix SkinFX v1.19 For 3DS Max

Lumonix SkinFX v1.19 For 3DS Max

Lumonix SkinFX v1.19 For 3DS Max | Win32 |Size: 8.82 MB

'Skin FX' is a 3dsMax based modifier (deformer) that gives the artist the ability to simulate mesh being deformed or 'sliding over' other objects such as skin sliding over bone or muscle. Skin FX can also help to control 'volume loss', which is a common problem with regular skinning techniques.

Taking advantage of parametric objects, Skin FX will make it possible to simulate effects such as skin sliding at very little performance cost.

Skin FX can be used for many types of effects from:
Muscle deformation to foot prints in snow to faking soft-body deformations.

Finally, Skin FX is an artist driven muscle and skin deformation plug-in. It is not a scientific muscle simulation tool. Instead it gives artists the control and workflow they need to take the next step in skin deformation.


- Skin Sliding: Slide mesh over muscle, bones or other surfaces
- Shrink Wrap: allows the mesh to be wrapped around other surfaces
- Wrinkling: paint areas that should wrinkle when being deformed
- Morphing: create morphs for controlling custom deformation of muscles
- Relax: allows you to Smooth the deformed areas
- Parametric Muscle: Easily create muscles with bulge, jiggle, etc.
- Parametric objects: Allow for very fast skin sliding
- Sticky Weights: Have vertices stick to other surfaces
- Compatibility: Compatible with most other 3dsmax modifier, such as jiggle via flex, Morpher and Skin
- Help and Samples: Skin FX comes with easy to use Help and Sample Files


1. Add the Skin FX modifier to your mesh
??? (I.e. on top of 'Skin', 'Physique' or any other modifier)
2. Add the objects you want to slide over to the modifier
3. Paint the weights (how much sliding per vertex)

Skin FX offers parametric objects that are very fast to calculate. If you choose to use the parametric objects to slide over, Skin FX will hardly make a dent in your scene's overall performance. If you choose to use a lot of custom mesh shapes (i.e. custom rigged muscles) performance will be lower, but at anytime you can choose to (temporarly) disable all Skin FX calculations, which increases the viewport performance dramatically (i.e. only enable at render-time).

Skin FX can also be faded out further away from the camera, making the overall performance impact even smaller, especially in scenes with mutliple characters using Skin FX.

Skin FX will work with build-in parametric objects such as capsules and spheres and the build-in muscle primitive, but it also works with any other (editable) mesh object inside 3dsmax. It does not limit you to pre-defined muscles or objects, so you can easily rig any type of geometry to be used as the muscle or deformer object. This allows you to easy create many different types of muscle, fine tuned for your specific character and scene.

The 'Skin FX' modifier and parametric objects are written in C++ for performance, but the entire UI and Plug-in are controlled via Maxscript. This gives technical artists the ability to customize and fine tune their workflow such as adding your own brushes to paint weights with, or adding buttons to quickly spawn your own custom muscles. All data in Skin FX is accesible via maxscript, which makes exporting the data to another application easy.

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