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Shake is the tool of choice for major motion picture studios. It has had a starring role in producing the Oscar-winning visual effects for King Kong and many other films. Shake 4.1 Essential Training provides a solid foundation for creating award-winning compositions. From clarifying the often confusing interface to introducing the concepts of node-based compositing, from teaching the different modal views to explaining how to render files, this training provides a thorough introduction to Shake.

Part I covers working with various media, learning shortcuts, using the Curve Editor, and rendering to disk. Part II will be available in the early summer and will cover key topics such as masks, rotoscoping, color correction, image tracking, and keying. Exercise files accompany the tutorial.

00. Introduction
01. The Shake Interface
02. Working with Media
03. Using the Node View
04. Using the Time View
05. The Curve Editor
06. Other Node Video Tabs
07. Rendering to Disk
08A. Coming Soon Exercises