Mach5 Mailer ver.

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Mach5 Mailer ver.

Mach5 Mailer ver. | 3,6 MB

M5 Mailer is the perfect application for delivery and management of your organization's email infrastructure. Windows 2000 and above. Great on XP and VIsta!

Drive Outgoing Email Merge and Email Marketing
Manage Inbound Email and Responses
Integrate your Website with your Email Merge
Outgoing Email. M5 Mailer sends each customer, member, or newsletter subscriber an individual e-mail customized directly from your own data source.

With direct connection to Access and Excel, no importing necessary. Full support of other databases through ODBC, and of course text-based databases.

Read on to learn more about M5 Mailer's excellent outgoing mail capabilities.

Incoming Email. M5 Mailer includes PopMonger, a small but very powerful application to manage high inbound email volume. It can automatically add and remove addresses.

Autoresponder, forwarding, bounces… PopMonger Gold is even scriptable with PHP, JavaScript, or VisualBasic: you can use PopMonger to pump data from email directly into your database, enabling powerful email survey capabilities.

Website Integration. M5 Mailer works with Subscriber, our revolutionary web-based subscription management and email tracking service. Web-based forms on your site can be a security risk and information management nightmare. M5 Subscriber manages this difficult job for you.

Your customers can set their own email preferences, select options or indicate interests, and provide you with feedback directly from your website. This data is directly available to Mailer, making targeted communication with your customers a snap. What's more, Subscriber contains powerful email clickthru and HTML open tracking.