MacOS X Tiger, v.10.4.6.X86

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MacOS X Tiger, v.10.4.6.X86 | 4,4Gb
All in 7 Parts! Each part ~ 650mb

Back in June, when Apple boss Steve Jobs announced the platform change to the x86 architecture, some Apple-watchers could not believe their ears. Had Jobs not preached for years that Intel's architecture was much too slow? But Apple's slogan is not 'Think Different' for nothing. Its decision to support the x86 architecture lies in the unsatisfactory performance of the incumbent PowerPC processors – particularly in the lucrative and growing notebook market, where the IBM/Motorola-designed PowerPC chips clearly lag behind Intel's CPUs.

Only for x86 processors.

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Download From Oxyshare:
http://www.oxyshare.com/get/16...isc x 86 10.4.6.part1.rar.html
http://www.oxyshare.com/get/45...isc x 86 10.4.6.part2.rar.html
http://www.oxyshare.com/get/11...isc x 86 10.4.6.part3.rar.html
http://www.oxyshare.com/get/19...isc x 86 10.4.6.part4.rar.html
http://www.oxyshare.com/get/95...isc x 86 10.4.6.part6.rar.html
http://www.oxyshare.com/get/51...isc x 86 10.4.6.part5.rar.html
http://www.oxyshare.com/get/46...isc x 86 10.4.6.part7.rar.html