Malware Scanner ver.

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Malware Scanner ver.
Malware Scanner ver. | 7,3 MB

Automatically stops dangerous phishing emails and spam from getting into your inbox.

Phishing Sweeper is spear heading Auto-Phishing.
Phishing is the internet axis of evil you have to be out of the box fast,this is what phishing sweeper has implemented to reel in online scammers.
Monitors the emails coming in and the web pages that ask the user for information to be entered.
Phishing Sweeper's database is updated as close to real time as possible.
The program runs in the system tray in an auto pilot mode.
You can add scam sites to phishing sweeper's blacklist and customize the settings
All your private information (user Name-Password Credit info-Social Security etc …) are protected from scammers and hackers