Maxthon 2.0 beta 3 + Rus

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Maxthon 2.0 beta 3 + Rus

Maxthon 2.0 beta 3 + Rus | 1,63 Mb

New-year surprise from Maxthon developers: Beta 3. Now in Maxthon you can easy copy image address from context menu and also view selection source of page - without plugins! Now its a Maxthon's functions!
+ Text filter and filter package support are back. ( You need to enable 'Enable Text Filter & Filter Packs' in ADHunter config page).
+ Support skined browser context menu
+ Added "Copy Image Address' to browser context menu.
+ Added "View Selection Source" to browser context menu.
+ Open Last visited address dialog is changed to web based.

* Fixed several bug that caused crash.
* Fixed Drag&Drop did not work problem.
* Fixed could not use mouse gesture to close browser problem
* Fixed URL alias did not work problem
* Fixed Mouse Trail left outside browser problem

Or you can download it from russian assembling Maxthon site ;)