Maxthon Beta 2 + Rus

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Maxthon Beta 2 + Rus

Maxthon Beta 2 + Rus | 1,59 Mb

Added Magic Fill, screen capture, hotkeys settings, external utilites and many more! This browser are better and better, I like this!
Russian, English, Arabic, Chinese and Japanese languages inside.

+ Import 1.x settings on startup
+ New color settings Menu.LabelBackground.Start,Menu.LabelBackground.End under Colors in mskin.ini
+ Magic Fill
* Sidebar onhover activate
* Group is made only expand upon mouse over expand aera
+ Exteranl tools start/close with Maxthon works.
+ max_proxy(security_id,'reload')
+ Shortcut display on menu
+ Change font size
+ Color key ComboBox.Text
+ Group is back (when you import from 1.x)
+ Add Maxthon Lite option to installer
+ Add External tools to plugin bar.
* Fixed DoubleClickTabBar can not customized
+ Scroll to top, Scroll to bottom command
Download from ]Russian assemling site (1,59 Mb)

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