Maxthon Beta3 + Rus

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Maxthon Beta3 + Rus

Maxthon Beta3 + Rus | 1,66 Mb

Third beta Maxthon 2.0 is very well: now you have an option to use IE6 or IE7 Style Page Zoom, option to show notification window for Content Filter (the notification can be clicked to view filter log) and Backup your favorites for last 5 days - and many fixes and improvements. Include English, Russian and 11 another languages!

Cumulated changes from Beta2:
+ Option to use IE6 or IE7 Style Page Zoom
+ Right Align option to buttons under Customize mode
+ Option to show notification window for Content Filter,the notification can be clicked to view filter log
+ Supports Text Filters and Filter Packs again (Maxthon Setup Center - Ad Hunter - Enable Text Filter & Filter Packs)
+ Copy Image Address command in context menu
+ View Selected Source command in context menu
+ Last Visited Pages become HTML based
* fixed interface font size problem
* fixed context menu Paste command not working
* fixed problem in certain web pages
* fixed script error notification problem
* fixed languages translation incompleteness
* fixed WebTools bar customization not saved when multiple tabs are opened
* fixed up/down mouse gesture not working
* fixed crash when viewing certain streaming videos
* fixed super drag and drop not working on certain web pages
* fixed button positioning problem on status bar customization
* fixed broken mouse gesture track problem
* fixed crash when using group
* fixed crash when deleting filters
* fixed "&" not show in favorites
* fixed certain problems of last opened pages
* fixed certain ad filtering problems
* fixed certain flash display problems
* fixed certain other crash problems
* fixed mouse gesture cannot close browser
* fixed URL Key not working
* fixed URL Alias not working
* fixed tab close button not shown in interface styles
* fixed mouse gesture track drawing outside browser window
* fixed WebTools bar flicker when switching tab
* fixed certain other context menu problems
* fixed freeze/crash when closing detached popup through 'Close' link or button.
]Download (1,66 Mb)

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