MaxType PRO Typing Tutor v2.8.17

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MaxType PRO Typing Tutor v2.8.17

MaxType PRO Typing Tutor v2.8.17

This powerful typing tutor will help you improve your typing substantially whether you are a novice or a seasoned professional. MaxType PRO has a lot of functions that will satisfy your changing needs as your skills and speed improve.
MaxType PRO can help you become more productive with your PC and use your time more effectively. Irrespective of your age, your education, your computer expertise, or how much free time your have, you will improve and be able to utilize your new typing skills in your everyday work! The following functional features are available in Professional Edition:

Typing Tutor

* US \ UK Qwerty", "Dvorak", "Azerty", German and russian "??????" keyboard layouts support
* Multiple-users interface - accounts can be password-protected. Flexible settings for each user.
* Measures typing speed in CPS, CPM or WPM
* Measures typing speed for each hand
* Generates beautirul reports for each typing mode with a lot of statistical data which can be printed