McAfee Desktop Firewall ver.8.5 Build 591

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McAfee Desktop Firewall ver.8.5 Build 591

McAfee Desktop Firewall ver.8.5 Build 591 | 17 MB

McAfee Desktop Firewall 8 proactively defends and controls clients to prevent new threats that anti-virus alone cannot. By providing comprehensive network and application firewall capabilities combined with intrusion detection technology. Desktop Firewall prevents clients from sending or receiving hostile threats from unauthorized network traffic or applications. It also prevents authorized applications from being manipulated in order to send or receive threats across the network. McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator provides scalable centralized management, deployment, and reporting on Desktop Firewall. In addition Desktop Firewall provides unparalleled client security and return on investment by integrating with McAfee VirusScan Enterprise and ePolicy Orchestrator.

*** Key Benefits:
- Proactive prevention of threats that anti-virus alone can’t stop – Desktop Firewall filters all incoming and outgoing traffic, and controls applications, ports, and protocols to prevent attacks
- Protection from network-borne viruses – Authorized applications are managed and monitored to prevent their being used to send or receive threats across the network
- Shielding from unwanted applications – Spyware and other potentially dangerous programs can be prevented from running or hooking into other programs
- Exclusion of insecure clients – A quarantine mode keeps unprotected or inadequately shielded clients from communicating over the network
- Protection for mobile users – Desktop Firewall supports a wide range of protocols, including those used by mobile users accessing the corporate network via the Interent.

****Product Features:
- Integrated Client Security.
McAfee Desktop Firewall integrates with McAfee® VirusScan® Enterprise and ePolicy Orchestrator™ offering integrated virus protection, global management and reporting. Integrated client security provides smooth interoperability, complete protection against viruses, hackers and malicious threats, prevention of data theft, and reduced total cost of ownership.
- Packet-Level Firewall.
Desktop Firewall prevents network attacks using traffic-control rules for over 120 IP protocols. Security is further enhanced with support for non-IP protocols including WiFi, NetBEUI, IPX, and AppleTalk.
- Application-Layer Firewall.
Rules are created to restrict network traffic generated by applications; administrators can further strengthen security by controlling the ports and protocols used by authorized applications.
- Application Monitoring.
Application-creation rules prohibit unauthorized applications, stop threats such as Trojans, worms, remote access Trojans, and spyware, and prohibit users from installing or running unapproved software.
- Signature Based Intrusion Detection System.
Attack signatures enable Desktop Firewall to detect traffic behavior or application activity that indicates an attack on the client. These identified intrusions—such as IP spoofing, ping flood, and SYN flood—are blocked, and the client machine is prevented from being used to attack other network resources.
- Quarantine Mode.
This feature enhances security by automatically checking client security policies before permitting full network connection. If the client is unprotected or running out-of-date software or security policies, access is denied.
- Mobile-User Protection.
With support for 120 IP-based protocols, Desktop Firewall can be configured to provide security for mobile users connecting to the enterprise network via the Internet.
- Centralized Management, Monitoring, and Detailed Reporting.
Desktop Firewall integrates with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator®, the industry’s leading tool for enterprise-class system security management. Administrators can configure and enforce policy and monitor the effectiveness of their security safeguards.
- Graphical Reporting.
ePolicy Orchestrator provides powerful enterprise-wide graphical reporting, including default or customer report templates. Default templates include: All intrusions, Intrusion Target and Source, Top 10 Attack Targets, Top 10 Intruders, and summary of intrusion based on type, year, month, or week.
- Learn Mode.
Desktop Firewall automatically learns incoming or outgoing, network traffic and application activity. In Learn Mode, Desktop Firewall prompts the user or administrator to allow or deny both application and network activity. Learn Mode enables an administrator to quickly build custom rules without preventing legitimate client activity from functioning, ideal for new deployments.
- Virtual Private Network Compatibility.
Desktop Firewall is designed to strengthen virtual private network (VPN) protection and is tested to run with popular virtual private network client software including Checkpoint, Cisco, Nortel and Microsoft. Compatibility ensures that your organization's current VPN clients will interoperate with Desktop Firewall.