McFunSoft Audio Studio ver.6.6.3 Build 479

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McFunSoft Audio Studio ver.6.6.3 Build 479

McFunSoft Audio Studio ver.6.6.3 Build 479 | 11 MB

Not only can you use McFunSoft® Audio Studio™ to grab music from a CD, you can record audios, in virtually any format. Stop there, and burn your improved, converted audio files to disc. Or use the advanced audio editor to create your own music and songs that you can transfer to DVDs and VCDs, or upload to the Web. Expand your digital horizons with the #1 audio solution!

McFunSoft Audio Studio offers wide-covered Real-time Decoding technology. Whether you need MP3 in pocket player, or WMA for Web delivery, McFunSoft® Audio Studio™ offer the quality your business demands. Display and edit of audio informations such as album, artists, year of publication and over a dozen others may show in all media players. Record audio from micro phone, CD, video, and any audio you can hear from your computer.
McFunSoft® Audio Graber™ is designed specifically for music fans and brings every track in a CD to your professional productions. With a friendly user interface and simple workflow, it makes the process of music obtaining quick and easy.
McFunSoft® Audio Studio™ integrates all of the burning technology into one workstation. It's the only authoring station that gives you fast and efficient access to Disc-Audio production.

McFunSoft Audio Studio Key Features :
- Grab audio tracks from audio CD;
- Obtain audio track information from CDDB;
- Import all most-used audio formats;
- Display audio files in the waveform or the spectral view modes and apply zooming;
- Integrates all of the industrial editing tech, including - Cut, Copy, Delete Silence, Paste, Paste From File, Mix, Mix From File;
- Capable of applying a truck of effects - Amplify, Delay, Equalizer, Fade, Flanger, Invert, Normalize, Reverse, Silence, Stretch, Vibrato, Echo and more.
- Combined with all filters you may need - BandPassFilter, FFTFilter, HighPassFilter, HighShelfFilter, LowPassFilter, LowShelfFilter, NotchFilter.
- Author your own CDs using your personal music;
- Create, share and preserve digital music on MP3 disc;
- Easily convert high quality music from your audios – now up to 30% faster. (Supported formats are: WAV, PCM, MP3, MP2, WMA, Ogg Vorbis, AIFF, AU and more.)
- Record, share and enjoy your own music. Any original audios could be recorded, from any softwares/hardware, such as RealPlayer, WMA player, any MP3 player, microphone, PC Radio and the other.