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# Automatically importing items from Amazon and the Library of Congress. MediaMan is capable of automatically importing the information of the media from Amazon and the Library of Congress. All 6 Amazon international sites, including Amazon United States, Great Britain, Germany, France, Canada, and Japan, are supported. Just enter the title, or scan a barcode, the wizards will take care of the rest. Screenshot

# Rendering your collection in realistic digital shelves. The virtual shelf mode renders your entire collection in the form of life-like DVDs, CDs, and Books on a shelf. The dimension of items and the shelf can be adjusted live. Screenshot

# Managing your collection in nested categories. You may create parent and child categories like folders on your hard drive. Each item is associated with a category. The "Show Flattened" feature allows you to view all items in the child nested categories. Screenshot

# Managing your collection by tagging. Tagging, a very popular way of information organizing, is now available in MediaMan. Use the mode selection button in the category pane to access this feature. You can now create tag groups and tags and assign them to your items. It works like labeling and it doesn't affect the physical belonging (categories) of the items. It's helpful when you wish to classify your items in the subjects or genres of your choice, or that you simply want to put similar items together. Additionally, the tags you created are user-specific, which means it's usable across multiple collection files.

# Printing and exporting the collection. You can print out a list of items or export your collection to HTML, RTF, CSV, and TXT format files. Plus, the rendering of virtual shelf can be exported directly.

# Managing borrow and rental status. MediaMan has built-in support to assign borrow or rental status to all items. It's also possible to add person names and dates in addition to the status. In the expanded list view mode, items with statuses will be highlighted. Screenshot

# Single collection file and native Unicode. MediaMan keeps all the information of your collection, including categories, textual content, images and statuses, in a single collection file. It's highly compressed, and it supports Unicode, so that you may use any languages in the item context.
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