Mentor Graphics Expedition PCB Suite

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Mentor Graphics Expedition PCB Suite

Mentor Graphics Expedition PCB Suite
Release Year : 2006 | Szie : 1.02 GB | OS : Win XP , Win 2000 | RS | DVD ISO Image
This Software Package Is used To Design the Most Complex PCBs & Systems on Earth , It Enables You To 1- Design 2- Simulate 3- Verify Your Design ..

Mentor Graphics Expedition PCB Suite

The Expedition Enterprise flow is tailored for the mid-sized to large enterprise organizations and for systems design groups with pervasive use of leading edge PCB or high speed technologies. This tightly integrated systems design solution is composed of the industry's most advanced design and analysis functionality in an environment of constraint, library and design data management.

Most advanced placement and routing technology for high design productivity, fast time-to-market, and performance optimized products
Integrates with corporate enterprise infrastructures and electronic industry supply chains for optimized parts selection/access and manufacturing communication
High-speed pre and post-layout analysis for classical MHz routes and multi-gigabit serial interconnects
Design capability for leading edge PCB technologies such as HDI/microvia, embedded components, flex and rigid -flex, and for implementing high pin-count/performance IC packages
Tight integration with FPGA design solutions for reduced design cycle time and optimized system performance
Common constraint editing and management system feeds all tools in the flow for one-time, easy-to-use entry
Patented concurrent team design technology reduces layout design cycle time by 40-70%

here's a complete list of the tools included in the Expedition Enterprise:

System Design
I/O Designer
Constraint Editor System

Analysis & Verification :

Quiet Expert

Physical Design :

Expedition PCB
Topology Router
Xtreme Design
FabLink XE
Supermax ECAD

Data Management :

Library Manager

For More Detailed info , refer to the following page :

Download : [ 11 rar Parts = 10 x 98 MB + 1 x 37 MB | RS - No password ] :

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