Micro-Sys MultiBatcher v2.3.1

Posted By: Kalamata
Micro-Sys MultiBatcher v2.3.1

Micro-Sys MultiBatcher v2.3.1 | 1.7MB

MultiBatcher is a multi purpose automation and processing application primarily aimed at IT professionals and advanced users.

It is e.g. trivial to create a batch that optimizes space utilization in a website, renames files accordingly to a set of rules, replaces text strings in others, and uploads the whole website to multiple ftp servers.

All in one automated batch and processed without requiring any user intervention. Included is also a plugin that can call other executables with parameters. This can be useful in situations similar to e.g. owning a superb graphic converter, but which does not support batches.

MultiBatcher is extendable. Programmers can write their own add-ins / plugins and thereby add new functionality allowing users to create new kinds of specialized tasks and batches.

Automation modules include:
· FtpUploader - update and upload files to multiple FTP servers
· WebPageOptimizer - optimize HTML space usage thereby decreasing overall webpage size
· TextReplacer - search and replace text in files, optionally using regex / regular expressions
· ImageEffects - resize and create thumbnails of images
· ListDirInHtml - create HTML directory listings and HTML image galleries
· ListPathes - write all paths handled to a designated file
· RunOther - call third party applications and scripts
· PathNameFixer - change directory and file path names in various ways
· DeleteFiles - delete files that match name filters