Microeconomics, 16/e

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Microeconomics, 16/e
Campbell R McConnell, University of Nebraska, Emeritus
Stanley L Brue, Pacific Lutheran University

McConnell and Brue, 16e is the best-selling principles textbook and has been teaching students in a clear, unbiased way for 40 years. The 15th edition grew market share because of its clear and careful treatment of principles of economics concepts, its balanced coverage, and its patient explanations. More students have learned their principles of Economics from McConnell and Brue than any other text--13 million of them. The 16th edition is a revision that delivers a modern, interesting book. We are also pleased to introduce an exciting fully-integrated software system called DiscoverEcon with Paul Solman Videos—DiscoverEcon online software and 255 minutes of 5 to 10 minute video segments that teach economic concepts in a fun and engaging way all in one convenient software package.