Microgarden WebTools 2.1

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Microgarden WebTools 2.1

«Microgarden WebTools 2.1»
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Internet Explorer Tabs:
Tabs for Internet Explorer are finally here! If you ever wanted to use tabs before, but didn't want to load a custom browser or any browser other than Microsoft's Internet Explorer, you don't have to wait any longer. Introducing Microgarden WebTools! The first, true, Microsoft Internet Explorer add-in that gives you the power of tabs!
Using tabs allows you to open multiple Websites within a single browser window, instead of opening multiple instances of Internet Explorer. This lets you browse multiple Web pages and close them all at once, simply by shutting down a single instance of your browser.
The WebTabs feature of Microgarden WebTools gives users a great new browsing experience.
Microgarden WebTools 2.1

What's New in WebTools Version 2.1:
  • Group tab launching - organize Web sites into tab groups that can be opened all at once
  • Drag and drop tab order - re-arrange tab order by dragging and dropping tabs into new positions
  • Better licensing - one user, one license code, no matter how many times you rebuild your computer
  • Default tabs - set a group of Web sites to open all at once, when you first start Internet Explorer
  • Hotkeys - control your tabs from the keyboard
  • Dynamic tab sizing - tabs grow and shrink according, as the tab toolbar becomes more or less crowded
  • Smart tab icons - tab icons show when a page load is complete or in progress
  • On-the-fly pop-up handling - control how pop-ups are captured using hotkeys
  • Slideshow - set up tabs to be viewed as a slideshow
  • Better popup handling - smarter flagging of popup tabs
  • Generate new tabs from the Favorites menu - open new tabs from your Favorites menu
  • Right-click tab menus - view action menus by right-clicking any tab
  • Ability to close all tabs - close all tabs at once, including the first tab
  • Plus much, much more!
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