Microsoft Encarta Encylodpedia 2006 Premium Edition DVD

Posted By: Trixter

Greetings Everyone,

Here's the latest edition of Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia, the #1 best-selling encylopedia on the planet.
I've personally downloaded from the links below; everything worked perfectly.

Here are the RAR splits. Download, extract to create ISO, mount or burn to DVD.


In the unfortunate event of a corrupt download, please use these recovery volumes. (You'll only need them if one of the above files was bad.)


Here I would like to give a special mention to a very dear friend of mine cozneffect without whom any of this would not have been possible. Thanks a lot cozneffect!

A humble request: If any one has links to film books esp. criticism and theory, and magazines, please post.
Any translated works of Russian greats like Eisenstein, Pudovkin, Kuleshov, Grotovski, etc. will be most appreciated.
Thanks in anticipation.