Micro-Sys A1 Sitemap Generator v1.2.7

Posted By: Alexpal
Micro-Sys A1 Sitemap Generator v1.2.7

Micro-Sys A1 Sitemap Generator v1.2.7 | 3,11 Mb

Generate sitemaps for your website, be that HTML, Google XML or ASP.Net sitemaps.
Rich template support for generating sitemaps and near-endless scanning options. The scanning engine stores vast amounts of data so that you can, among other things, view full report on broken and redirected links (wherefrom and whereto). This data is e.g. used when generating Google XML sitmaps (e.g. when defining priority).
Bonus tools include an integrated FTP client. This allows you to FTP upload your sitemaps.
It is possible to automate and control A1 Sitemap Generator through the command line. This means you can have a task scheduler (e.g. scripts or batch files) to launch A1 Sitemap Generator at given intervals. You can automate tasks such as scan website, build sitemap and FTP sitemap upload.

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