mikroBasic For PIC ver.

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mikroBasic For PIC ver.

mikroBasic For PIC ver. | 8,47 MB

Comprehensive, stand-alone Basic compiler for PIC MCUs. A beginner? Worry not. Learn to program PIC easily, with many practical examples we have provided for you. Also, you can download a free comprehensive manual from our site.

Hit CTRL + SPACE to get the list of all available variables, constants, and routines which you can insert at cursor position.

Don't memorize all the procedure parameters, just follow the parameters request. Hit CTRL + SHIFT + SPACE to activate the Parameter Assistant. As simple as that.

Easily monitor variables and registers while simulating your program.

Execution time, routine start address, nesting, memory charts, and other invaluable information.

This tiny code sample reads ADC channel 2 and displays the result in second line of LCD, with 1 sec delay afterwards!