Mobys Server Monitor ver. 1.0

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Mobys Server Monitor ver. 1.0

Mobys Server Monitor v1.0
OS: windows | 8,7mb

Mobys Server Monitor ver. 1.0

This software is mainly to check the status of Windows and SQL server continuously and report back to the administrator as soon as any server down. An admin can add severals servers at a time and check them together. It can
contact with the administrator by SMS and email. Also admin can set the interval of the check as well as sending e-mail and sms rule.

A small sample of PA Server Monitor's benefits:

*monitor Performance counter values Regular, reliable checks of system resources so you can focus on other things
*monitor POP, IMAP and SMTP mail server availability Powerful features that are simple to configure (one of our big selling points!)
*monitor Local and remote directory quotas Rich set of response actions and notification types
*monitor Event logs on local and remote Windows servers Easy to create reports (both ad hoc and scheduled) based on monitor findings
*Changed files and directories Peace of mind knowing system files have not been changed (host-based intrusion detection)
*monitor Custom script results Resource stats are recorded for use in graphical reports to easily spot trends, utilization spikes, etc.

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