Moffsoft Calculator 2 ver

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Moffsoft Calculator 2 ver

Moffsoft Calculator 2 ver | WinOS | 1.7 MB

Home Page: http://www.moffsoft.com/moffcalc.htm

Moffsoft Calculator 2 ver

Moffsoft Calculator 2 lives up to our slogan…"simple power". The simple, easy-to-use interface allows a user of any level to start crunching numbers immediately, but don't be deceived by its simple appearance. The power that lies within is only a click or two away. Here's a few of the highlights:
  • Tape - Save the calculator tape in up to five different file formats. You can also preview the tape report and customize the report title.
  • Decimal places - Use a floating point or fixed number of decimal places. If you enable "Auto decimal", Moffsoft Calculator 2 will enter the decimal for you.
  • Totals & grand totals - Pressing the {Enter} key two or three times in a row displays totals and grand totals for previous calculations.
  • Input logic - Use the input logic that's most natural for you. Algebraic works like most hand-held calculators, while Adding Machine functions similar to a desktop 10-key.
  • Multiple memory values - Store up to 5 values in memory.
  • Constants - Define an unlimited number of constant values.
  • Color schemes - Change the color and font of virtually anything. (see example)
  • Item count - Display the number of entries in a calculation.
  • Financial functions - Calculate loan payments, amortization schedules, depreciation, bonds, cash flows, and interest rate conversions. (see example)
  • Unit conversions - Over 100 units of measure in nine categories makes converting easy. (see example)
  • Date/Time calculations - Determine information about a specific date, or calculate the date 90 days from today. (see example)
  • Product Pricing - Calculate cost of goods sold, profit margin, markup, retail sales price, and gross profit. (see example)
  • Adjustable calculator size - Make it any size you want and Moffsoft Calculator 2 will remember the size and position next time you use it. (see example)
  • Tax button - Define your local rate to make adding sales tax easy.
  • User options - Moffsoft Calculator 2 has many user options including always on top, system tray icon, run on startup, sound events, and much more.
System requirements - Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

More Screenshots: http://www.moffsoft.com/moffcalcss.htm

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