Moho v5.21

Posted By: quil__23

Moho is a 2D vector-based cartoon animation application. It is not an

ink & paint tool that requires you to draw each frame of your

animation by hand. In Moho, you draw your characters once at the

beginning of an animation, then use powerful tools like bones to

manipulate characters like puppets. Moho provides the complete set of

tools you need to create an animated cartoon, from drawing and

coloring to keyframe animation, multi-layer compositing and final

rendering of QuickTime and AVI movie files. Moho can be used to create

animation for video, film, or streaming over the web.

Moho contains a vector-based drawing component, making it suitable for

illustration tasks as well. The animation tools include manipulators

for controlling skeletons - useful for working with characters, and a

huge timesaver compared to traditional hand-drawn animation. Moho

works with text the same as any other primitive object, making it

useful for simple video titling up through any complex text

deformation you can dream up.

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