MSC Easy5 v2005 R1.4 ISO

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MSC Easy5 v2005 R1.4 ISO

MSC Easy5 v2005 R1.4 ISO | 110 MB

In the aerospace and automotive industries, engineers often assemble products schematically using special iconic blocks that represent systems and subsystems, such as valves, actuators, heat exchangers, and so on. Easy5 is a schematic-based simulation software that allows you to model and simulate dynamic systems containing hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical, thermal, electrical, and digital subsystems.

Work with libraries of ready-made parts
So that you can model and simulate a variety of dynamic systems quickly and easily, Easy5 comes with an extensive library of pre-built components sorted by industry. In Easy5, you model systems using functional blocks (summers, dividers, wave generators, and so on) and pre-defined components that represent physical elements (pumps, gears, engines, and so on). You can also link to entire system designs in computer-aided engineer software.

Access powerful analysis tools
Another powerful aspect of Easy5 are its analysis tools, which allow you to do nonlinear simulation, steady-state analysis, control system design, data analysis and plotting. Easy5 generates the source code automatically to support real-time requirements. An open architecture provides links to a broad set of popular computer-aided engineering software and hardware tools.